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Black Hawk has been established to serve in a hollistic mode the unique protection needs of anything valuable: human life, tangible, and intagible assets.
Black Hawk’s core business activity is the protection of structures from extreme hazards (blast, impact, ballistic and fire). This activity is supported by a specialized group of people with solid background in engineering, construction and asset management, and security administration and execution.
Current increasing concern about human life and structural preservation against extreme hazards like terrorist attacks and antipiracy measures are top priorities for asset owners, designers, government agencies and others concerned to enhance the protection of their people and assets.
Black Hawk provides complete protection engineering services. Such protection can be depicted (see picture below) as a multi-layer, softer-to-harder detterent set of shielding measures (portraued in shades of red), which are able to defend and minimize the risk of life-loss or asset value-degradation.

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Structural Hardening

We offer engineering services & protective technologies for force protection & blast mitigation enhancement.

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Perimeter Barriers

We offer physical security measures such as anti-ram barriers, fencing, enhanced lighting, CCTVs and secure entry points.

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Intrusion Detection

We offer products, systems & applications in wired & wireless communications, ICT security, surveillance, global tracking & telemetry.

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Security Guards

Black Hawk’s Security Services are centered on making our customers feel safe. We protect assets and people lives.

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